Place Your Amazon Tracking ID into the Bookmarklet

This partner program is designed for anyone with an online audience such as bloggers, website owners, social media publishers, etc.

Your Audience - Your Earnings

  • Earn money by placing your Amazon Tracking ID into our bookmarklet.
  • The bookmarklet shows Amazon products and product links would have your Amazon Tracking ID.

How it works

  • Tell your audience about this awesome bookmarklet.
  • Add your Amazon tracking ID as parameter when linking to
  • When visitors that you sent setup the bookmarklet, then your Amazon Tracking ID will be coded into it.
  • Your tracking ID will be used 60% of the time and 40% of the time ours will be used. Determined at random.

How to link

Use the following link and replace "sampleID-20" with your Amazon tracking ID. That's it!

select country for Amazon Tracking ID:
No Amazon tracking ID?

Yes, test it

Create your link and click it. Then setup the bookmarklet and use it. 60% off the time (at random) your tracking id gets placed in the links to Amazon. Mouse over the links to see your id.

More Info

Multiple Tracking IDs
Yes, you can use provide multiple tracking IDs for the supported countries. Be sure that you own the IDs! Example: .../?trkUS=sampleID-20&trkCA=sampleID-20

Vanity URL
Do you want to link with a nicer URL like If so, please contact me.